BenSky has a fixed work relation and cooperation in several branches, with a common endgoal

Make aviation shine again


Reni Aviation

Reni Aviation is an SPO active in several niches throughout the aviation business. Reni is specialized in Aerial Survey and Para Drop for the Belgian Defence Departement. Also does Reni offer specialized training in several domains, such as taildragger conversion, typeratings and SET rating

Mol & Geurts

Mol & Geurts is a company specialized in the refurbishment of high end design furniture and manufacturing brand new tailor-made interiors for hotel brands, yacht manufacturers etc... 

The CEO of Mol & Geurts himself is a passionate glider pilot with over 40 years of experience. 

If you are looking for a unique and exclusive new interior to top off the detailjob on your aircraft, this is the place to be.


Our newest partner, MillenAir

We proudly present our newest partner.

MillenAir is a well known online shop within the glider scene, offering all kind of supplies for gliders, avionics and services.

Also part of MillenAir is the new company AeroFlash, offering a visual awareness light system for Flarm equipped aircraft.