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All the way from Denmark

This glider is the first official assignment we got. From the start it was a big and ambitious project so we are very proud to be able to present you the story and results.

What started with general care, evolved into a more profound project including a full restoration of the cockpit. The entire effort put into this project got divided in several phases with the cooperation of different parties.

Let me give a recap of the process.

Glider exterior:
Deep cleaning and degreasing the paint surfaces including taking off all seals of the control surfaces took a lot of time. As those seals hadn’t been touched for over a decade it demanded a lot of patience and manhours to get rid of the glue residues.

Next was polishing. The paint showed a lot of fine scratches and swirles which take away the gloss shine. Multiple steps were needed to get the surface 'scratch free'. We did our best to eliminate a maximum of them without taking off too much of the clear coat. Some deep scratches would demand sanding, a step the owner didn't want us to take. None the less the results are amazing!
To finish of the exterior all control surfaces were meticulously resealed.

Everything was dismantled and the ‘sprinkellack’ was sanded down.
With the owner several options were discussed which eventually resulted in Terlet Service Center repainting the cockpit in new ‘sprinkellack’ and our fix partner Mol&Geurts doing his wizard thing in making a complete new leather interior.
Combined forces resulting in an amazing result!

Finally the trailer could use some attention too.
A deep clean and degrease of the interior made it shine like new and the exterior got scrubbed and polished. This phase gave the very dull looking trailer back its original glance.

It is just amazing what kind of results can be obtained with a limited budget combining efforts and visions.

I want to thank everyone involved in this project, especially the owner for trusting us with this project!

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