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Ls-8 'Nx' Copy

Paint refurbishment of this pretty Ls8

This Ls8 with wing configuration 15m & 18m is privately owned by a good friend of my glider club. A very eager crosscountry and competition pilot who takes great pride and joy in upgrading his beloved toy and performing at his best in all kinds of weather situations. He has also been a motivator in my personal flying.

The glider is still flying with its original paint, which started to show some aging. Scratches from changing the callsign and competition number on the tail, markings from previous out landings. Those marks are simply inevitable. But with good care a lot can be accomplished before a glider truly needs a repaint.

At first glance the glider looked very white, looking overall very good. Our detailers eye however saw a lot of work but most of all, a lot of possible progress. The owner wasn't easy to convince but hasn't regret his choice.

The pictures show a clear before & after. Not only have we managed to remove 90% of the scratches and swirles but also the color turned more white. See the picture of the belly with brown staines which we were able to completely remove. Or the picture in which you can see the color difference between the wing and the aileron.
In total the surface has been polished 4 times with different grades. No sanding.

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