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Pilatus PC-7

20year OCU edition

This 20year old private owned Pilatus is based at EBZW - Zwartberg Genk.
Since 2007 it has a special tail painting to celebrate the 20year anniversary of the Belgian Airforce OCU
F-16 training squadron.

The owner asked me if I could do some paint correction on the upper side of the wings, near the fuselage. Due to fuel spillages and the normal use of the aircraft the original paint had gotten dull and scratched near the area where the pilots step up the wing to get into the tandem cockpit.

In general the plane's paint is still in great condition. Special care was demanded as the unicolor is not that thick. During polishing the paint decolorized slightly onto the material used, which is unavoidable. Restoring the gloss was obtained using a careful multistep correction, as the rest of the plane got a one step correction.

The results speak for themselves.
It was an honor to be able to detail this special aircraft.

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