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Quintus M

When the CEO of a major glider manufacturer asks you to detail his glider - Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau

The Quintus project was a joint venture of Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau together with Lange Aviation. Schempp-Hirth decided to design a new open-class glider based on the Nimbus-4M fuselage.
The target was to create a new glider with a high wing loading but the flight characteristics of an 18m class glider. To speed up the building process Schempp-Hirth used the wing of the Antares-23 but used its own wingtip design.
At the WGC at Uvalde in 2012 the Quintus competed with succes against the JS1-c and EB29, winning the championship and 2 other in the top 10.

'Victor' is serial number 1 and still owned by the company. The glider is flown by many great pilots on International competitions. So after being flown that much it was time to get her back to her former glory. Tilo Holighaus assigned me with the task to restore the paint as much as possible. A lot of swirls and small scratches made the paint look dull. the glider also had a brownish shine due to dirt deep in the pores of the paint.

The pictures in the album speak for themselves. I was able to obtain a great shine and white color free of swirls. As 'Victor' would get further optical and mechanical maintenance at the factory we did not 'finish' the glider. even though we were able to obtain a mirror like shine.

A big part of the project was the trailer. Being very dirty with hardened moss and broken stickers it was a real challenge to give the trailer a nice look. Inside and out no effort was spared.

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