We offer full detailing of exterior, deep cleaning and refurbishing

of interiors of GA aircraft,

gliders and small business airplanes.

In addition we offer flight operation support, pre-buy inspections and transfer

 of gliders.


BenSky played a key role in restoring different aircraft to

their former glory.

Discover them here


Next to private owners, we offer our services to flying clubs

and small businesses.

Wether it is follow-up care

 or a one-time detailjob,

we strive for best results

and protection.


BenSky has a fixed partnership with @ReniAviation based at Antwerp Airport for airplane detailing, flight operation services and logistics.

For custom made interiors we partnered up with @Mol&Geurts



“After some winter seasons with just some cleaning, it was time for some polishing. I decided to contact BenSky for the job as I was already familiar with his work. Although the EV is already 10y old, she came back in immaculate condition, just like the first time out of the Schempp-Hirth factory"

Echo-Victor owner

Ken Evens